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The Kingdom of Bhutan is a country nestled in the eastern Himalayas, bordered on the north by Tibet and the south by India. and has been visited by a great many saints, mystics, scholars and pilgrims over the centuries who not only came for their personal elucidation, but blessed the land and its people with an invaluable spiritual and cultural legacy that has shaped every facet of Bhutanese lives. Bhutan is virtually untouched world where spirituality is still the way of life, where time moves at a much slower and peaceful rhythm, and nature is bestowed the respect it deserves.. Finding the best airfare depends on many factors like time of year, flight destination and length of stay are just a few of the major ones. The formula for getting the best price for your flights can indeed seem complicated. Here you can quickly compare airline fares from different airlines, then make the decision that's best for you.

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The tiny Buddhist nation has been revered by westerners for years as a place of mystery and beauty uncorrupted by colonialism, industrial development and modern influences. Buddhism has been the predominant religion since the 7th century and has inculcated deeply the value that all forms of sentient life, not just human life, are precious and sacred. Given such a prevailing ethos which respects the natural environment, it is not surprising that the Bhutanese have lived in harmony with nature and that the nation has its environment still pristine and intact today.

Though highly mountainous, Bhutan has a surprisingly diverse topography.

International Flights to Bhutan Airports

Find discounted international airfares for international flights to Bhutan have probably never been cheaper thanks to ever increasing competition. Further more, you can expect many special offers on flights to Bhutan as Bhutan has become much more attractive in recent years. In fact, there is such a range of airline ticket discounts available and that only very few travelers are ever paying regular air fares.
  • Paro Airport - Airport Code: PBH

  • The easiest way for visitors to enter Bhutan is by air on Druk Air, Bhutan's national carrier and the only airline operating in Bhutan. Druk Air has no interline agreements with other carriers so you will need to arrange your own ticket to and from wherever you connect with them as they operate the only airline that flies into Bhutan. Flights to Bhutan are available via Bangkok in Thailand, Kathmandu in Nepal, Delhi and Kolkata in India, and Dhaka in Bangladesh several times each week. The flight from Kathmandu to Paro provides the most dramatic view of Himalayan scenery of any scheduled flight. Be sure to get a window on the left side for maximum visual effect.

    By Road:
    Tourists wanting to combine a visit to Bhutan with Sikkim & Darjeeling (or other places in India) can enter Bhutan by surface through the border town of Phuentsoling. This is the only other entry point to Bhutan other than flying into Paro airport. In the reverse order visitors can fly into Bhutan and exit by surface to India through Phuentsoling.

    Airlines having Direct / Multi Stop / Code Share flights to Bhutan

    Below is a list of airlines which operate Multi Stop flights to one or more of Bhutan's largest international airports. Please note that the data is subject to change and is only intended to give you a rough picture.

    Air Canada, Air China, Air France, Air India, Air Nippon, Alitalia, American Airlines AA, Asiana Airlines, British Airways, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, Eva Air, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Gulf Air, KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines), Kuwait Airways, Lufthansa Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Swiss Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways

    Most of the Trans Atlantic or Trans Pacific Flights from United States have multiple stops in Paris (France), London (UK), Amsterdam, Seoul, Bangkok,....

    Prime Attractions / Places to See

    Bhutan has a lot of interesting places to visit. They will mainly appeal to the people of cultural, artistic or environmental interests. Bhutan has a natural beauty and a distinctive culture that make it well worth a visit. Bhutan also has a rich wildlife with animals like the takin, snow leopard, golden langur, blue sheep, tiger, water buffalo and elephant. Others can find pleasure in the elaborate religious festivals (tsechus) that are held throughout the year at various monasteries (dzongs). Trekkers will find an alternative to the overcrowded trails of Nepal. Nearly everyone who visits Bhutan will be awed by the unsurpassed majesty of the Himalayas.

    Paro Valley
    Located in western Bhutan, the Paro valley is indeed enchanting; it is home to many of Bhutan's oldest temples, country's only airport and the National Museum.

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